Destiny 2 – My Virgin Review

So I went into Destiny 2 knowing nothing. No videos, no articles, no freaking idea what to expect.

2018-11-18 (7)

Character selection was all right. Not the best but certainly not the worst. At least I wasn’t doomed to make a totally fugly face which always happens for me in Bioware games. This is my alien warlock or something.

2018-11-18 (5)

It glitched a lot. I couldn’t tell at first if this water was a spell or hiccup. It turned out a major hiccup. Freezing to the point I had to crash game and reload and it happened multiple times.

I had fun at first and reached level 4. It started like a single player game but by lvl 4 there was a hub with other players who ran around like in MMORPGs. We fought on some planet together but I never really got the purpose of it other than shooting bad guys, which was alright in fun. But was there anything really to get me to go back….meh. Perhaps or perhaps not.

I was intrigued by the locations. It did look beautiful. This area made me think it would be how Highmountain in WoW’s Legion expansion would look like in a less cartoony world.2018-11-18 (10)

This vista was awesome.2018-11-18 (8)

And here is my character talking to an in game character that I fail to remember the name of or what group she belonged to. (Bad sign being so forgettable.)

2018-11-18 (12)

If I go back  and the game plays more like a single player I could stay but if it’s entirely sub par pvp then nah.

Black Friday Purchases from Steam

I bought two games as they were a great deal. But I still feel shame for buying more games when I haven’t played so many others yet.

First games is a delightful indie game called Towards the Pantheon.  On sale for 75% off making it $2.24!  I already started it and really like so far. The maker did the music also. The soundtrack is delightful. Look at the llama selling me wears. Kawaii desu!IMG_1654

The next game is Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth.  I’m pretty excited to play a game based on a book I read over 20 years ago. I loved the book but it’s been awhile so I know some minor plot points will still be fresh to me. The price is 60% off making it $17.59.